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Kitten Pink Pussyhat Beanie

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Women's March Pink Pussyhat Beanies

Pink pussyhats symbolise femininity, sisterhood and solidarity as we stand united together for womens' and girls' rights everywhere. Wearing a pink pussyhat makes a powerful statement that no matter where we are, no matter who we are and no matter what we do we all deserve to be heard, listened to, respected and treated right. Show your solidarity for women's rights wearing a pink pussyhat and march on ladies! 

Kitten Pink Pussyhat Beanie

- Kitten Pussyhat Specifications -

Department: Women's Clothing
Design: Kitten pussyhat
Symbolism: Femininity, beauty, love, empowerment, solidarity #WomensMarch
Material: Cotton blend and acrylic
Size Circumference: 52-57cm
Weight: 150g
Color: Kitten Pink

Extra Bonus: FREE worldwide shipping + 30% of proceeds from every sale helps rescue animals from animal cruelty
Proceeds from pussyhats helps animal charties


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