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Nowzad - No Animal Left Behind

10% of profits from every item purchased at The Kind Owl goes directly to Nowzad. 
To help support Nowzad's mission and the animals they tirelessly rescue.
Our customers are making a difference to the lives of animals every day!
The Kind Owl is proud to support Nowzad (, a registered UK based animal welfare charity who rescue and care for some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet - where no animal is left behind.

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This amazing charity rescue stray and abandoned companion animals such as dogs and cats, donkeys and all other animals in need in one of the most hostile environments today, war torn Afghanistan.

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Nowzad was founded in 2007 by former Royal British Marine Pen Farthing who was "adopted" by a stray dog he bonded with while serving his country in Afghanistan. This dog was "Nowzad" who Pen named after the place where they first crossed paths.

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Pen brought Nowzad back home to live with him in the UK and it was from that experience and bond he made with Nowzad during their time in Afghanistan, that Nowzad the charity was born. Unfortunately Nowzad has since passed away but his memory and legacy lives on through Pen and the rescue charity named after him.

Image credit: Pen Farthing

One incredible part of Nowzad's mission is to continue to help our brave men and women soldiers from all over the world serving our countries, who sometimes during their deployment bond with stray animals on the front lines, take these "adopted" dogs and cats back home to their native country to live with them and their families.

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These stray dogs and cats caught up in war zones such as Afghanistan, have helped many of our soldiers cope with the horrors of war, post traumatic stress disorder and being away from their loved ones. In return, the soldiers give their new best friends a forever home safe away from the streets of war where they'll be loved and cared for the rest of their lives - and Nowzad steps in to make this possible.


“There is no greater connection between man and dog than in the midst of war.” - Pen Farthing


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Soldiers can bring their "adopted" dogs or cats to Nowzad's shelter in Kabul, Afghanistan or Nowzad will arrange to have them safely brought to their clinic. After a medical check, vaccination and de-sexing, Nowzad will care for these animals until they can be flown to their new homes with the soldier who bonded with them.

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Nowzad also raise the funds to fly all the dogs and cats abroad to their "adopted" soldier's home and they rely on the support of donors and kind people like you, to help make these dreams come true. 

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So far, Nowzad have reunited over 850 soldiers from all over the world with the dogs and cats they rescued and bonded with on the front lines of Afghanistan.

In 2014, for his outstanding work with Nowzad, Pen Farthing was awarded and honored as CNN's Hero of the Year. A greatly deserved acknowledgement for his selfless dedication to helping his fellow man and animals in need.

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    Nowzad also currently operates as the only official animal shelter in all of Afghanistan, making it vital for the welfare and survival of hundreds of animals in the area. They've also employed a team of 14 Afghan nationals, two of which are women who are now both practicing veterinarians and this would have been unheard of in Afghanistan a few years ago - an inspirational investment by Nowzad into women's futures in Afghanistan.

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    Nowzad have also implemented a de-sexing program of strays in the area to help keep populations under control and to prevent the spread of rabies. While continuing to re-home stray cats and dogs with local Afghan families also, which is a wonderful achievement in itself.

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    If all this wasn't already enough! Nowzad now extend their tireless work to educating the local Afghan adults and children about animal welfare. This includes training programs to improve the lives of working animals, adoption and care for companion animals, canine rabies risks and prevention and how to treat animals with kindness and compassion.

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    We can't thank Nowzad enough for allowing us to partner with them and support their inspirational work. It's you, our wonderful customers, who are helping Nowzad every day simply by enjoying our products! 


    With every purchase from The Kind Owl each and every one of you is helping make a real difference to the lives of these animals caught up in a war zone and you're helping our brave men and women soldiers reunite once again with their animals they rescued during war, or perhaps, many of these animals really rescued them..


    On behalf of The Kind Owl and Nowzad - THANK YOU! 

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