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About us - Our Mission

The Kind Owl hatched in December 2016! We're a young fledgling Australian boutique selling animal themed gifts, home goods, apparel and pet products - put simply - we just love animals.

We're also a business that believes in giving back and we want our customers to have the chance to come along on this amazing journey with us to help make a real difference to the lives of animals, just by enjoying our products! 

We created The Kind Owl as a virtual online 'nest' for animal lovers and others alike, our own little nook in the great tree of the world wide web. Where not only can you find something you, your family, friends and pets will love but you help animal charities every time you do.

We want to inject some kindness back into the world through giving. We grew tired of seeing all the huge wealthy retailers and 'suits' lining their pockets but not giving part of their massive profits back to those in need. So as huge animal lovers, our mission is to donate back part of all our proceeds to exceptional animal charities who tirelessly help and rescue some of the most vulnerable and abused animals on the planet.

We thought...imagine finding an item you absolutely love or perhaps something you just need for everyday living or maybe even a lovely gift for a loved one but knowing with that one single purchase (or more) - you also just helped an animal. How great that would be! We believe every kind action you make has a positive impact, no matter how small or large, they all add up just like ripples make waves you have no idea how powerful your compassion can be.

By shopping with us, you'll be helping make waves for animals!

The Kind Owl animal lovers store mission page

In the future we will be adding T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other apparel for men, women and children plus new, unique products will continually be coming in so check back often to see what you might like!

We're committed to offering our customers competitive prices and hope to build wonderful relationships with each of you, we'll do everything we can to ensure you’re satisfied (and your pets are too!).

We can't thank our wonderful customers enough who have joined us so far on this mission of 'kindness to animals' and we hope you enjoy giving back through us as much as we love helping make this happen! 

We hope you have a hoot!