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10 Of The Cutest Rescue Puppies Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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Adopting rescue puppies from a shelter is a huge responsibility but an extremely rewarding one that can change your world for the better - and you save a life!  

As according to the ASPCA approximately 3.9 million dogs enter American shelters every year and of those 1.2 million dogs are euthanized.


Illegal puppy breeders and puppy mills impact this also because when people buy puppies from these people, all the rescue puppies waiting in shelters for a family miss out on another chance at a forever home.

Always adopt and never buy from a breeder, online or pet shops (unless they have a certified rescue puppies program). 

What if I just really, really want a purebred puppy though?

If you really want a purebred puppy always check breed specific rescue groups and shelters first. Also insist on viewing the puppy's mother from all breeders. Illegal breeders and puppy mills won't let you see the mother as these poor dogs are farmed in abusive ways.

For more information on how to spot and avoid puppy mills or illegal breeders please visit PupAid.

As British comedian and animal lover Ricky Gervais once perfectly said


Are you ready to smile?


Here's 10 of the cutest rescue puppies who found their forever home..


#1  Could you resist my eyes?

photo credit: zion.theweim / IG


#2  1st day home from the shelter and I already love my new hooman

Rescue puppies sleeping

photo credit: lifewith_roo / IG


#3  I have the cutest ears in the world

rescue puppies

photo credit: thetailsofbillybones / IG


#4  Will you be my best friend?

Rescue puppies bored collie mix

photo credit: milosanctuary / IG


#5  Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the cutest rescue puppy of them all?

rescue puppies in mirror

photo credit: ziggytotherescue / IG


#6  Yay my kind hooman came to the shelter and rescued me!

rescue puppies home

photo credit: heatherlmcclain / IG


#7  I could get used to this

rescue puppies sleeping

photo credit: lasthopek9 / IG


#8  I'll go everywhere with you!

rescue puppies in the snow

photo credit: archie_therescue / IG


#9  Being a rescue puppy is hard work

rescue puppies sleeping

photo credit: zoeytheblacklabretriever / IG


#10  I will love you forever and ever

rescue puppies love

photo credit: bennyandthemoms / IG


Go visit your local rescue shelter or visit 'adopt a pet' and bring home your new best friend too!


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